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By | February 6, 2018

Urmm so who am I and what is this blog about.

Well…I’m a 40ish year old man, married, with 3 children, a wife and no cats or dogs. Born and raised in one of the biggest country in terms of history and smallest in terms of territory, Portugal, western Europe, known by its wine and other stuff.

I work as a “public officer” in a place where we all wear the same uniforms 🙂

I’m passionate about building and fixing stuff, being electronics, mechanics, metallurgic, IT,  etc.

Like many others I learn better when I need a particular knowledge to accomplish something I need or want, being because of financial constraints or simply because I (many times wrongly) think that I can make it cheaper and better than what is readily available.

I have been part of several open source projects although the most important in terms of learning experience was undoubtedly the OpenPilot project where I was a low level programmer creating the STM32 bootloader (still in use by a bunch of other projects), and several hardware drivers, and at a later stage as the lead developer for the ground station software. The people I have met and worked with are some of the smartest and competent people I know,  and for that period I felt the joy of being connected to others with the same interests.

So why this blog? Over the years I thought about it many times. First this will (I hope) allow me to keep some focus on the projects I have, I invariably get sidetracked and while researching for a particular project I normally get 10 more. Projects accumulate, time unfortunately doesn’t. Also I normally jump to a different project when the one I’m working on is functional but not finished or as clean as one would like. This is mainly due to the fact that my main driving force is the will to overcome problems and technical difficulties, when those are dealt with the drive quickly disappears…I’m a doer not a finisher. Knowing that I’ll be under “public scrutiny” will (I think/hope) force me to take all projects to a state which will allow them to be reproduced by others.

One other reason for this blog is to be able to get in touch with others with similar interests, exchanging opinions, learning, getting inspiration and ultimately growing as a human being. I often feel lonely when it comes to these things, fighting over something for days, and when I finally get it,  not having someone to whom I can say “hey look at what I did” or simply brag about it :). Even with all the politics and problems in the OpenPilot days that is what I miss the most.

So my plans are to use this thing to document my projects as best as I can,building things, fixing or hacking them, or simply reviewing cheap stuff I frequently buy from China.

If someone reads this great, if not…well it will be nothing more than some electrons at well defined locations on some server storage.



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