6 thoughts on “ksger firmware update

  1. deaxx

    Hi, Please fix STANDBY mode. At the set time doesn’t work. Firmware hakko. Thank.

  2. Dennis


    Hi my name is Dennis and i wondered if none of you could help me?
    I tried to upload the firmware to this STM32 OLED board and the screen went black. then i realized that this firmwere is not for this STM32.

    So i wonderd if i coud get some help in reprograming the firmwere to this board if some of you are intresdet. I do not understand programing myself but i would be werry happy to help out. And i wil be graitful for some help

    1. Remus

      I`m having the same problem,flashed the ksger v3.0 controller and also black-screen.i read that i need a other display driver but howto? it is a shame that it is only for the old 1.5 version.only 1 person is selling it on aliexpress for about 33 dollar.that is to much! is it possible that we all give a donation to the developper? i need to by a new controller so 30euro is oke for donation.

  3. w

    I was wondering is it compatible with the ksger version with a liion battery pack?
    In the menu you can set the warning and shutdown voltage for the battery pack so you wont damage the cells.
    Does this firmware have this?

    1. Remus

      no it is about the controller version,only old model support.the version with li-ion is a new type controller so no support.jose doesnt want a donation or my old controller i think no reaktion from him here.so sad

  4. Pavel

    Hi Folks,
    i just went to this place after some reading iam sadly looking on my controller v3.4. That grab code inside is useless… and nice open firmware is not compatible with this… sad…


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